Netspeed Canterbury

Broadband Connections with Fast & Friendly Local Service

Fast, Efficient & Affordable Broadband & VOIP Phone Services available Throughout Canterbury and West Coast,
Rural, Metro, City, Mobile Homes, Caravans, Baches & almost anywhere else you can think of.


5GHz Wireless Broadband

If you're in City, Metro or Rural Christchurch or on the West Coast and within clear line of sight to one of our transmitters in our coverage area you can connect to our 5GHz wireless broadband network. You'll get great speed, excellent service and our plans start at only $39.95 per month!

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4G & 5G Wireless Broadband

With well over half a billion dollars spent rolling out 3G & 4G LTE wireless broadband you can experience broadband at big city speeds anywhere within our New Zealand wide City, Metro and Rural coverage areas.

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Fibre Broadband

Noticed a bunch of guys in yellow vests digging up your footpath and burying a big green pipe recently? If you have, you can get Ultra-fast Broadband because that big green pipe contains fibre optic cable through which we can deliver the fastest broadband you've ever seen.

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